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I just found out my ex is a liar, a cheat and a rapist ew gtfo



Finding it hard to find info on WHY everyone’s mad at JonTron so I screencapped this convo from his Twitter for reference, this is the thing that started it all.
Basically, JonTron is a childish twat who can’t handle being politely called out on his offensive shit, so resorts to shitty jokes and instantly gets defensive rather than actually acknowledge the impact of his behaviour.

'offensive shit'I’m sure the PS4 was deeply hurt by this.Its only ‘offensive’ because of all you tumblrtwats pretending it is. Otherwise, inanimate systems and objects can’t be offended


To be honest, the shit Jon Tron said is no where as bad as the comments that he was responded with.

If saying “retard” makes somebody as equatable as Hitler, then you guys are more black and white than a fuckin’ zebra.

Sure he done fucked up… but, shit, you guys look like a bunch of brain-dead seals barking and rolling in their own self-righteous filth for how you responded.


Bravo, ya bunch of cunts.

Tumblr Hyprocrisy


JonTron a really popular youtuber and former GameGrump says retarded, something that some people think is a slur.

He then goes on to disagree with Anita Sarkesian who has proven time and again to be a liar and a fraud.  This causes a slight dispute with Tim Schafer, creator of Double Fine studios and makers of Psysonaughts, who….decided to side with Anita for some reason…..Welp, I guess you cant win em all.

So this raises the ire of Tumblr/Twitter who begin to call Jon worse things then retarded and begin the whole “Oh hes a neck beard MRA whatever”

Tumblr threatens Jon, his birds, and pretty much say horrifying disgusting shit.

Why? Oh because he said Retarded and disagreed with Anita.


Then on the other hand, Anita gets death threats and apprently she is “driven from her home.”

But her tag is filled with sympathizers.

So let me get this straight, death threats and insults to JonTron are ok.

But insults and deaththreats to Anita are not?

Fuck you all you hypocritical retards. And I mean that as offensively as possible.

Stay away from tumblr users misandrymania, genderpunkrock, transmisandricfawn, and idislikecispeople


Block and report them! They actively post in transgender tags (truscum, transmen, tranmisandry, trans ftm and probably more) And i’ve seen them dehumanize transmen, harass and misgender them and purposely trigger dysphoria. (Dysphoria usually inculdes harming thoughts, being a danger to yourself and depression). They support transmale oppression and, at the same time, claims it doesnt exist. (News flash: Transmen are oppressed! For being transgender, not for being male.) And they claim “women can’t be violent towards men” but alas, all their blogs prove otherwise.

They post in tags they are not welcome in. They have 0 say in what transmen are or say but they continue to harass and hurt them.

I’ve also seen death threats and forms of bullying in those tags so please be aware! Report ( and block ( Make sure to blacklist any needed words and stay safe!

Transmen are just as important as transwomen and you’re all beautiful/handsome! If you have more blogs you want people to be aware of, please submit them to me or add them to this post!

fucking tucute cunts are cancer



hi im a 15 year old autistic+mentally ill trans woman of colour (a  lot of labels i know) and and im female presenting outside of school + my parents in clothes ive bought thru tumblr donations in the past. i need a little more money to purchase more fall/wintery clothes so i can continue to go out female presenting despite the weather and  not deal with overwhelming dysphoria and freak out. u can donate to my paypal with this link or if you dont want to/cant, just reblogging this post would help me out a lot! thanks!

That’s what really scares me.

Falling in love is easy. Having sex is easier. But bumping into someone that can spark your soul - that shit is rare.

You could fuck four, five, all the people in a god damned room and you’d only feel a connection with one. Or none at all.

And what sucks is despite the undeniable real magnetic pull between the two of you, more often than not, you don’t end up together.

I’m afraid I won’t meet anyone else I can connect with.

I’m scared it’ll be just you.

Sade Andria Zabala (surfandwrite) | Connection (via surfandwrite)